3:00 A.M The devil's hour

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its opposite of the p.m. mirricle hour when Jesus gave up his ghost
try to foccous next time you realize your in one of these hour's
The mirricle hour is when the sky changes coler, preparing for the setting sun
I see pyramids open around the sun like a door or portal
I see angels pink -gold -blue angels with torches in there hands
As for the Devils hour the picture mostly speaks for it'sself
most are sleeping..........we must be tweeking.....try it after 3 or more days fasting or without sleep
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    Sat, July 7, 2007 - 2:14 AM
    As for the Devils hour the picture mostly speaks for it'sself
    most are sleeping

    In reality sun set in a witches or a wizerds world means the slitting of the worldswere light meets dark Ithink your on conssions is the ishew religius back ground i frequently wake at three am and cumune whith thoughs of the night with out fear it is butifal at night sound of a city at sleep so you have moor of a ntural sound and the spirit are cool too and there not fraken demons eather
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    Tue, July 24, 2007 - 6:02 PM
    that's funny...

    the past full moon i happened to be on the black sea and my room/balcony was facing the sea.

    at exactly 3 AM for three nights of the full moon i would be awakened to find the moon starring directly at me through the middle of the glass door to the balcony.

    it's likely just a coincidence (or synchronicity) with the time and placing of my vacation, but it did bring to mind the tales of past where women claimed the moon had raped them.
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      Sat, July 28, 2007 - 3:26 PM
      it's likely just a coincidence (or synchronicity) with the time and placing of my vacation, but it did bring to mind the tales of past where women claimed the moon had raped them

      Moon is the godess energy and eny raipng that was done was moor than likely done by a preist or a inquizator the moon is magick intuision full of energy of life
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      Thu, August 9, 2007 - 12:35 AM

      this mit exlpain what i am trying to convey

      Drawing Down the Moon is a very serious but moving and rewarding experience of having the Goddess descend unto you and what better Goddess than Hecate---Maiden, Mother, Crone, the three and the one. However, most only see Her as the dark aspect of the Moon and turn to Her then, never realizing that they are only using one third of the true powers of this powerful Goddess. Most never call upon Her in Her full moon aspect and/or her maiden moon aspect only seeing her as the old Crone...the hag. Yet, She is known as "the most beautiful one."

      Drawing Down the Moon is a beautiful and very moving experience in which the Goddess descends into you. It is between you and the Goddess. A male does not have to be involved, since it is between you and the Goddess and no other. In the Wiccan tradition, it is stated that a male has to draw down the moon into the High Priestess and if there is no male, then a female has to strap on an apparatus in order to become a male, which is nonsense. You do not have to try to represent a male when drawing down the moon nor do you need anyone else. It is a feminine transaction between one female--you--to another.....the Goddess. The interaction between the Goddess and Her Consort, Earth and Sun, are through the Sabbats and not the Moon.

      Each woman has the right to have the Goddess descend down upon her whether she is in a Wiccan coven, Dianic coven, or any other coven where there is a leader. An elevated Third Degree in the Wiccan tradition is called a High Priestess. The HPS may speak the words and do the invoking but each woman should have that right to have the Goddess descend into her and to feel Her presence and become Her at each ritual, if we so desire. After all, we all have the Goddess in us and each of us are a facet of Her personality, whether we are Isis, Astarte, Demeter, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna, Bride, Artemis, etc., maiden, mother, or crone--for that is what each one of us are. Unfortunately, in the Wiccan tradition, they feel that it is the sole right of the High Priestess to become the Goddess.

      In Drawing Down the Moon, after everyone else has been invited to attend the circle such as Watchtowers, etc., then proceed to do the invocation, facing the direction of the Full Moon. You do not have to be outside to do this nor does it have to be a clear night for you to see the Moon in order to draw down the Moon. Remember, the Moon is there whether we see Her or not, just as the Goddess is with us whether we see Her or not. What is important is to notice how the sky is lit up on a moon lit night during any given full moon night and how you can walk around at night and see your shadow, yet there are no man made lights around. Notice how She shines brightly wherever you are, so that when you do draw down the moon in ritual and you are either in doors or it is a cloudy night, your visualization of what you have seen of the Full Moon will come in handy. As I have stated throughout this website, visualization is one of the most important things for any kind of magick to work and that includes drawing down the moon. If you cannot visualize, you cannot only not feel her presence, but your circle that you cast will be lifeless. You also need to be sincere with the words with which you speak. Say the following with emotion and meaning and when She has descended upon you, speak Her words with conviction, passion and with Her wisdom, as you are the Goddess.

      I call upon She who unveils all mysteries!

      Oh Mother of all Creation, Goddess Hecate,

      the Three and the One.

      Goddess of fertility and fullness.

      Oh wise one, filled with Luna's secrets

      whose torches of the Moon light the darkened sky.

      Full-orbed Hecate, Mistress of enchantments,

      Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld,

      Protectress of all Witches,

      Come Now into me your Priestess

      Fill Me with Your Presence

      Oh Gracious Queen of all Witches as I attend this Rite.

      Then stand with opened arms and imagine that you are outside in a opened field and the night sky is illuminated with Her presence. It is so bright out that you see your shadow. As you stand there, hear the creatures of the night. Smell the night air. Stand facing the moon with arms stretched and head towards the moon and see this haze starting to swirl down from the Full Moon like a misty fog. Slowly this fog descends from the moon and it starts at the top of your head. Feel this light slowly start descending into you.....not too fast, as it might over whelm you.....but slowly. The top of your head starts to feel a radiance about it and then that feeling moves to your throat, breast and stomach and down into your pelvis and down into your thighs, and as it slowly moves through each part of your body, feel this warm, tingly feeling, which will go all the way down to your toes. When it finally reaches your feet and you feel rejuvenated and alive and feel Her presence within you of love, compassion and wisdom, then do you speak as She, for you and She are one and the same. The Charge follows below:

      I am Goddess of three Moons.

      I am mistress of the Night.

      I am the richness of the Earth.

      I am the Moon and the Seas.

      I am all that was and is and ever shall be.

      Nor has any mortal ever seen that which lies beyond my veil

      for I am indeed mistress of mysteries and the keeper of the keys.

      I am Queen of all living things, for I Am Goddess of Nature.

      I smile and the radiance of the Moon is everywhere.

      Gather in secret if you must,

      but do not tarry too long behind closed doors,

      for it is in the richness of the earth and the boundlessness

      of the sky that my true temple is to be found;

      And the Moon, and sun and stars will keep your secrets.

      I am all these things and more.

      Hear my words my children and worship and be glad.

      Look for me within these things but above all,

      within your own soul, for it is there I am.

      I have been with you in the beginning

      and I shall be with you at the end.

      I am the womb of new beginnings,

      as yet unimagined and unknown.

      Remember, eating of the cakes will help ground you and help dissipate that charged feeling of the Goddess so that by the time you shut down your circle, you should be returning to your natural state and will be able to go to sleep, since most Witches do circle work at night and most particularly Moon rituals